For those who are sick of being sick



    What's the worst part of having a cold?

    • the sore throat makes it painful to eat or drink anything
    • my whole life is put on hold for days or weeks until I recover
    • the runny nose which makes me look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer at the end of the day
    • having my cold turn into a sinus or ear infection
    • that all over yucky feeling; too weak to get out of bed, no appetite
    • being so congested that I can't breathe through my nose. I can't small or even taste food

Imagine life without the WORST.COLD.EVER

Say goodbye bye to endless snot, decongestants and heaps of tissues. 

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Hi! I'm Krystal aka Natural fit Foodie

I am a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, wife and busy mom

I created the Immunity Boosting Meal Plan to help you easily incorporate gut healing, immune boosting foods into your diet. When your meals are properly planned, eating for optimal health and nourishment becomes simple and fun. You will start to achieve the results you NEED!


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