How you eat dramatically affects your period so... what's preventing you from eating right? 

1. I don't have time to cook complicated meals from scratch every day... #busylife
2. If I cave in to junk food cravings it sets me off on a vicious cycle of binge and regret... #offthewagon
3. I don't have money to spend on exotic ingredients I can't pronounce... #ashwagandha
4. I'm so confused, I don't even know what's healthy anymore... #iscouscoushealthy

How would your life transform if not for these obstacles?

  •  I'd have loads of energy to do the stuff I love!
  • I wouldn't have to wear unflattering clothes to hide my belly bloat
  • I could attend social events without fear of that dreaded period pain
  • I wouldn't have to apologise for what I said on my period

Introducing Dishing Up Balance eCookbook

Your 28 day nutrition plan for more manageable menses!

Learn how to fuel your body with fun, nutrient dense foods that help balance your hormones, banish PMS and uplift your energy & mood!

Every meal feels like just what I'm craving ...

I'm one of those people who has tried every eating style that claims it will grant me health: paleo, keto, vegan, raw, AIP, grain free, and more. I was dealing with some hormone issues that I was desperate to resolve, so I approached each of these styles of eating with full commitment, thinking if I just kept "pushing through" I'd eventually feel better. I'd feel good for a short time with each of these, but I would eventually feel too unwell to continue. Something inside kept saying "This is not the answer. You're supposed to feel good!"

Krystal's recipes and education have been a literal Godsend. They've helped support me into a completely new phase of life - one where feminine power, intuition, and self-nurture are amplified. Learning about switching up my plate based on what cycle phase I am in has given me the energy and clarity I've been craving in my life. And, it finally made sense why each of the eating styles I tried before helped me feel good short-term; they were all supporting at least one of my cycle phases. The missing key for me was nourishing all of them!

The best thing about Krystal's recipes and meal plan is that every meal feels like just what I'm craving. Four months in, I feel completely satisfied after every meal, there is a big improvement in my PMS symptoms, and with learning how to support my hormone cycles through food, lifestyle, and work (through Krystal's advice), I feel more confident than I have in years that, with my improved health, I'll be able to reach my personal and professional goals this year.

Sarah  //   Blogger & Online Educator for Entrepreneurs -

Get Dishing Up Balance eCookbook!

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Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

  • over 60 quick and easy recipes customised for each phase of your menstrual cycle, including desserts and my famous hormone balancing lattes so you never feel deprived
  • easy to follow daily protocol to help keep you on track 
  • done for you meals plans for each phase of your cycle saves you time and money
  • food list overview of the best hormone friendly foods for each phase of your cycle #nomoreguessing

All recipes are free from the TOP three foods known to wreak havoc on hormones

#nogluten #nodairy #norefinedsugar 

Eating for balanced hormones never looked (or tasted) this good but don't take my word for it here's what users say...

Worth every penny...

Thanks to you I'm getting back into balance! And despite my age , 52 years young, I have no menopause symptoms :)

The cookbook was worth every penny! I love how simple and straight forward it is. I love the photos and the layout. Most of all, I love the variety of foods and the simplicity of the recipes.

I look forward to trying each and every one of the recipes and using this book as a new lifetime guide because I truly believe that "balance" is the key!!

Thank you for making it easy!!

Stephanie  //  Plant Merchandiser

A powerful tool to restore balance ...

I'm no Iron Chef, far from it. 

I do, however, truly enjoy knowing what goes into my body and a huge part of that is preparing your own meals. It's imperative for me to have this knowledge as I suffer from PCOS and I'm a true believer in allowing food to be my medicine.


Krystal created this cookbook with women in mind and has curated it to foster a happy and healthy menstrual cycle. I love that the recipes are amateur chef friendly but fun. 

This is more than a book of recipes, it's a tool on my journey to restoring balance. I for one will be forever grateful. 

Kami  //  @curlybabekartel


Transformed my periods ...

100% endorsed and recommended. You've transformed my periods, something I never thought was possible, and this cookbook will only help make it even better. Thank you!

Kim  //  Director & Design Chief - The Communications Architect Limited

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